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Photo listing : cycleways (problem)

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The current cycle ways (on both sides of the road) have just taken space from the existing road. This means that the road (as marked on both sides) is now too narrow for a car. This leads to very close passes when a car overtakes a cyclist ... [more]

The current cycle ways (on both sides of the road) have just taken space from the existing road. This means that the road (as marked on both sides) is now too narrow for a car. This leads to very close passes when a car overtakes a cyclist ... [more]

Improve the double gates. They are difficult to pass and near impossible with a child seat or other adaption on the bike.

The upgrading of the Derwent walk and joining dirt paths would allow cyclists and walkers to access a lot of areas along the Derwent valley and areas from Whickham upwards without them having to go on main trunk roads like the A694 of the v ... [more]

Full length of path needs sorting there are so many weeds and nettles obstructing the path it is now only wide enough for single file, its used by walkers and cyclists, very dangerous as no where to pass

Cars parked and uneven path. Could be smoother to make link from metro up to new cycle way in Lingey Lane.

Cycle path needs filling in and surfacing. It's actually dangerous.

Broken Glass Central. If the stones were covered with a tarmac surface it would be quicker and easier to spot broken glass. Further up the path towards Birtley is also really poor condition, drainage pipes and big holes all over the place. ... [more]

Complete resurfacing please. It's an awful cycle, especially near the newish road crossing.

This is a very neglected path behind the old Stanley metal yard. Bumpy, broken and a puncture hazard. It could be a smoother and tidier link away from Marconi Way

Tree roots make this a difficult ride, especially for kids,

The cycle way from St James Road along Park Lane is too small minimal width and there is no crossing linking to Tyne Bridge we need a safer wider cycle way and a crossing point with a link to the Tyne Bridge.

The shared pedestrian/cycle path over the Redhuegh Bridge is about 1.75m wide - it's difficult for two cyclists to pass, and not great for pedestrians as some of the cyclists don't really respect them. I realise that it would be very diffi ... [more]

KEEP LEFT signs are needed. Pedestrians in particular seem to be unaware of the first rule of the road which is to keep left. 'Keep left (and overtake on the right)' signs need placing here and on another paths in the borough (and the count ... [more]

This corner needs to be made safer as it is blind, despite being only about 45 degrees. There are frequent near collisions here, so it needs smoothing out. There is the space to move the path slightly westwards to that it curves rather than ... [more]

The cycle and pedestrian route needs straightening here, by filling in the river inlet, to reduce the risk of collisions caused by the blind corners.

The current cycle path is too narrow for the amount of walkers, runners, cyclists that use the path. There is a buses only road that is wide and not busy, it would be great if cycle lanes can be added to road to ensure everyones safely. I ... [more]

Safe crossing particularly needed for kids cycling

Could the paths along the valley be widened for dual use, cycleway and walking. The roads are so busy with large vehicles and so many curbs not all with drop down bits, it would make it easier for workers to cycle to work and residents so ... [more]

Very bumpy track because of tree roots lifting tarmac needs new surface.

Traffic calming and better provision for cyclist needed in both directions.

Until recently, there was a painted cycle lane N bound on A167. This should be reinstated.

Make Coach Road for cycles only

The shared pedestrian/cycle path is too narrow.

Cycle paths along Birtley are so dangerous and need improving

Separate cycle lane on fellside road to protect cyclists from fast traffic. This will make a safe route from burnopefield to whickham.

The A695 towards Blaydon Roundabout needs a safe lane for cyclists. There is one lane which has no overtaking double white lines. This is a busy 60 mph road and very dangerous for cyclists to share ONE lane with hgv and car traffic. Th ... [more]

The road width has recently been NARROWED for cyclists by Gateshead Council. A proper separate space for cyclists needs to created at the light controlled junction. There is not enough space for cycles and the many hgvs which use this road ... [more]

Make this road 40mph limit from Greenside to High Spen, excessive speed is a problem multiple RTIs over the years particularly at the bends on Rogues Lane vehicles leaving the road hitting trees fences electricity poles and other vehicles m ... [more]

Extend 40mph and cycle marking to Garesfield lane and on to Winlaton

Install Toucan crossing

Access to and from Greenside Rd near crossing improvements

There is a signposted on-road cycle path on Bensham Road. This is too dangerous for cyclists to use, especially when travelling uphill. There should be a separate segregated cycle provision provided the length of Bensham Road and Lobley Hil ... [more]

Stoneygate Lane from Duke of Cumberland down to Akzo Nobel/Nest Road This road needs both a cycle lane AND resurfacing. There are a number of pot holes that are Ok in a car but if you go over on a bike really hurt your bum and damage bik ... [more]

To separate cycles from traffic exceeding limit on winding road

On A692 Sunniside to Lobley Hill - to separate cycles from fast traffic (especially downhill, northbound)

Very narrow bridge, with very narrow footpath, and lots of traffic, makes this almost impossible for cyclists, especially heading up Chowdene bank. Not sure how it could be fixed without another bridge

Very short existing cycle lane cut short by parking, then feeds onto busy road on the swing bridge. Many many cyclists use this road to get in and out of Newcastle, a dedicated cycle space separate from cars would be preferable.

The road becomes extremely narrow and hazardous for cyclists. A cycle lane or dedicated cycle/footpath would really help along the whole of Whickham Highway.

Link New Road Cycleway to Follingsby Lane Cycleway

Parked cars along this narrow stretch are a hazard to cyclists and pedestrians. Parking should be banned.

Always lots and lots of children playing on the cycle path. Do not always respond to bell making it dangerous for them and the cyclists.

Join 2 cycleways. There is a 20m section where the cycleway is not on the pavement and you need to get onto the road to navigate the busy junction

When you are climbing this hill on a bike and traffic comes up the narrow road behind you, you worry they will clip you as they pass. Make a cycle path.

There is a big factory here which interrupts the river path for cyclists. To cycle round it you have to go uphill and on roads with heavy goods vehicles as it is an industrial estate. It would be great to have a path on the actual quay, but ... [more]

There is already a "cycleway" between High Spen and Greenside but it is both far too narrow to share with pedestrians and the surface is potentially dangerous to cycle on.

Narrow single lane country road for about 400 metres. No path or cycle lane. With a national speed limit, which drops to 30 as access to paths begins, Quite a busy stretch of road for runners, cyclists, horse riders as well as motor vehicl ... [more]

Stop cars when picking up children from school parking in the cycle lanes

Stop cars when picking up children from school parking in the cycle lanes

Kells Lane is very busy for cars avoiding Durham Road, buses that need to run and with cars parked on both sides in some places it is a risk For pedestrians and cyclists.

The pavement is very rough and narrow with a large number of obstacles to be negociated, cutting the trees/hedges back and resurfacing would make a massive improvement

When you get to the end of the Felling bypass, it feels counter-intuitive to have to go north in order to continue on towards the Tyne Bridge - I usually hop off the bike and cross the road just before the roundabout, towards the old Davy R ... [more]

There are cycle ways here but lots of large vehicles associated with the businesses routinely park on these, stopping use for cyclists (and pedestrians)

Would be great to have a protected cycleway here to help cyclists moving slowly up the steep hill.

Bridge is dangerous for cyclists and path on eastern side too narrow for pedestrians and cyclists to share. Close southbound nearside lane to traffic and use water-filled barriers to create 2-way cycle way instead. Reduce speed limit to 30m ... [more]

This is a good route up the hill, but there isn't a good way to get to it from the A184 junction without going on the dual carriageway, and there's nowhere to cross from the East side - needs extra paths and a crossing at the junction perha ... [more]

Need semi secure bike parking eg Sheffield stands

You could easily close off a lane either side on this dual carriageway for bus / cycle use only. Other routes for bikes through the Team Valley are painted cycle lanes with real danger from car and lorry door openings

You have repainted the cycle lanes here which is a modest start, but the road surface on them is shocking to the point of them being unusable. Potholes and uneven surface all over make these lanes dangerous. This is from Newcastle Bank righ ... [more]

This is a main route by bike to the Team Valley and is 50mph and very dangerous, especially at the Moormill Rd junction. Please consider reducing the speed limit or widening to provide bike priority. The road was resurfaced for Tour of Brit ... [more]

Incoherent design - both overly narrow shared use path (although not signed) and also use of advanced stop lines - which should we use? Also bizarre S-bound 10ft of 2ft wide advisory lane across Chandos St, why?

Transition to the Newcastle side of the HLB is pretty poor - improved signage should make it clear what side of the bridge you 'should' cycle on to avoid conflict with peds.

Existing cycleway is OK but odd mix of shared use path/non - entire road design seems like it was the original (huge barriers etc) and needs to be reassessed for modern circumstances

Comically narrow advisory cycle lane (maybe 2ft) - just remove as completely pointless

Advisory cycle lane phases in and out of existence on extremely wide road with both parking & vegetation - reassess provision

Junction has cycle crossings diagonally across to get from E of Durham Rd to W shared use path, I have never seen anyone use them in four years - reassess provision and junction design

Instead of making any new paths why not make the roads safer within the Borough by reaparing all the small potholes/gaps where utilities have made repairs/uneven surfaces cycling from Birtley to the Team Valley (the roads there are a disgr ... [more]

Cycling along the Team Valley (Kingsway North and South) can be particularly dangerous, particularly at peak times, however it is a key artery into Lamesley/Birtley or into Lobley Hill/Gateshead Town Centre. Footpaths are obviously not for ... [more]

Cycle lanes needed on Whickham Highway

The barriers along Blaydon Burn Path & further up towards Greenside & Barlow have high barriers. Difficult for children or people with heavy bikes to lift over. The side gates are too small/awkward to get bikes through & are also locked. R ... [more]

Cycle/footpath narrows with lampposts close to doorways

Washboard road surface on this uphill corner forces cyclists into middle of road.

Not clear how to safely cross hill street from the underpass to get onto tyne bridge and visa versa

Need a more clearly marked and safer way to cross bottle bank onto Tyne Bridge

Needs drop kerb to access cycleway along riverside

Cycleway to separate from cars travelling north (downhill) to traffic lights with front st

Unsafe crossing the road to get onto Tyne bridge

Low Fell high street - cyclists dangerously constricted by moving traffic and parked cars. How about a radical change by creating a dedicated cycle lane.

The shared footway/cycleway is too narrow for normal use, never mind social distancing. Close the cental carriageway to buses and taxis - it's one-way only so much use to them - and convert it to a two-way cycle route, but maintaining acces ... [more]

Providing a link here would connect (almost) Team Valley bike path to historic waggonway between Kibblesworth and Springwell. Would provide a link into town without crossing A1 at grade and better serve Joseph Swan Academy. Also narrowing S ... [more]

This footpath leads into Chopwell Wood. It is quite narrow and can't be widened, but is often overgrown from hedges on both sides with high nettles and spiny blackthorn and hawthorn. I understand that the responsibility for keeping good acc ... [more]

There is not enough space for people to enjoy cycling in the park. Its also slightly dangerous when walkers or cyclists do not have the space and time to pass each other perhaps causing a collision. Sometimes you cant see round the path in ... [more]

Too fast cycles, part of path narrow/overgrown..,...but wider means FASTER

Moving from the Derwent walk to the road and back again feels horrible

Pedestrians and cyclists need defined “gangways” or markings on the bridge to avoid collisions

Cycleway needs widening to allow walkers and cyclists to pass safely

Too narrow and only a pavement - road too busy and more people will cycle more if visible rather than the path along the river

Too narrow and not a proper cycle way along the Blaydon Highway

The kerbed cycle entrance on to this roundabout heading Southbound from West St to High West Street has several problems: 1. it is dangerously narrow with high kerbs 2. It forces riders in to a road position to turn in to Jackson St when ... [more]

Please remove the narrow kerbed cycle path at this junction as it obstructs the majority of users who want head North towards West Street and not into the bus station. This makes the northbound cycle lane to the south of the junction danger ... [more]

When cyclist's are waiting to cross Askew road: 1) many people don't realise that they need to request a cycle phase by pressing the button. 2) The cyclist green phase coincides with red directly oncoming traffic but oncoming left turners ... [more]

No secure cycle parking for shoppers or staff at Sainsburys

Build new cycle/foot path to avoid current diversion through Metro Riverside Park and along busy main road to Mandela Way

At present, the signage only permits buses to travel south-west onto Pipewellgate. If the signage allowed cyclists through too, this would reduce congestion on the shared pedestrian-cycle path along the front of the Tyne.

Cyclists allowed to enter the Centrelink road here. At present, the Centrelink road is only used by buses, so is not busy, but signage does not allow cyclists to use it. Allowing cyclists access here would reduce cycle congestion in other a ... [more]

Marked cycleway needed up Rabbit Banks Road. Overgrowth alongside road needs to be trimmed back, so that buses and cyclists can safely share the road.

A marked on-road cycleway along Centrelink. At present, there is a shared pedestrian-cyclist path along the Tyne, adjacent to the Centrelink road. However, the shared pathway is narrow. If more cyclists felt they could cycle safely along Ce ... [more]

Add a cycleway on Bottle Bank, so that cyclists on the cycleway along the Tyne can reach the cycleway on the Tyne Bridge.

Extremely poor surfacing and narrow footpaths to facilitate walking and cycling alongside Handy Drive, space exists to expand and refurbish

Might be tricky (impossible) to negotiate a safe arrangements with Jewsons/land owner, but a short section of segregated cycle route connecting the existing path along Dunston Promenade (running by the Tyne next to Dunston Staithes) with th ... [more]

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