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Stop parking on pavements as this is narrowing pavements and causing vulnerable pedestrians having to share narrow road space with fast moving vehicles irrespective of ineffective speed humps!!

Avenue Road NE8 4JH is a busy avenue on route to Saltwell Park, the Leisure Centre, Library and soon to be Shipcote School, vehicles constantly park on the pavements restricting pedestrians access and making them use the road to make progre ... [more]

More signs are needed to encourage dog walkers to 'scoop the poop' of their dogs into a dog waste bag, or use "stick to flick" to get rid of dog faeces into the undergrowth either side of paths like Woodhouses Lane. I've put the marker near ... [more]

There is a very slippy slope down from Parkway (road) to Woodhouses Lane, the path that was resurfaced with grit in late 2019 – early 2020. People are attempting to clamber down the muddy slope, especially for exercise during lockdown. No ... [more]

If you come down the path (nicely paved) from the Poachers Pocket on Market Lane and go under the A1, you’re faced with a choice of two routes, the most useful of which is in poor condition. The rightmost is more useful as it goes toward ... [more]

There is a need for a cycle path and pedestrian route along the south side of MetroCentre, parallel to St Michaels Way. It would run from the A1 junction Hollinside Road (and possibly also Marconi Way) to the path that goes under the A1 in ... [more]

The bus stops on Consett Road are in the wrong place. They needs to be east of the Alwinton Gardens junction in both directions, nearer a larger number of residents and to Emmanuel School, and where there’s plenty of land to accommodate t ... [more]

The rickety wooden footbridge was recently taken out at Watergate Park. A new one is needed.

A considerable amount of residents in the residential area walk and bike, should consider createing this area from Prince Consort Road down to the library should be considered for only pedestrians, bikes, and public transportation. This bus ... [more]

Parked cars no cycle lane

The Crossing of Railway Street in Dunston near Staithes Road and the area around it just isn’t good enough. It should at least be a zebra crossing rather than just an island in the middle of the A1114. The footpaths on either side aren’ ... [more]

The lack of paved footpaths at Metro Centre West is very noticeable, especially around the junction of Pinetree Way, Marconi Way, and Hollinside Road. People who walk to work or shop on the retail park have worn paths in the grass in some p ... [more]

Surface and lighting improvements would improve access to the railway station.

Access gate onto Keelman's Way is too narrow for wheelchairs. The surface is often very muddy too.

Speed limit should be reduced to 30/40mph to improve road safety.

There should be a safer, straightforward route for cyclists (and pedestrians) across Blaydon Roundabout/A695 from Blaydon Town centre.

There is a rough path through the trees on the embankment next to Crowley Road (the back lane part). People use it walking down from Clavering Road, and then they go down the steps to Holy Trinity Church and Swalwell village. The back lane ... [more]

Safe crossing improvements necessary for walkers and those using the shops. There is limited visibility for pedestrians and cars speed around the bend.

Very narrow footpath forces pedestrians onto the road by a blind corner. There is a history of collisions and near misses here. A crossing would be welcome.

It would help if this path down from Longrigg Road had streetlights. Plus the nearby National Cycle Network route 14, running near the south side of the Tyne, is very dark in this area, even where it runs fairly close to parallel busy roads ... [more]

Brewery Bank is very slippy in frosty and snowy weather. Please put some steps in for people walking down from Crowley Road. There's plenty of pavement that can be partly used to save us all from sliding down on our arses. You could probabl ... [more]

There is some terrible speeding down Milton Road, despite it supposedly being a 20 mph zone. How about installing a speed camera here, or getting a speed camera van to come here every so often, to make the situation safer for pedestrians? E ... [more]

We’d like some more lights in Swalwell Park as well please. It’s lit down the west side, and along the top south side but if you’re not if going to or from the Lumley Avenue. It should suit cyclists as well as pedestrians. Quite a lot ... [more]

Could we please have some lighting in Chase Park in Whickham? Quite a lot of people pass through after dark. Small lamp posts from the central meeting point of the main paths, as far as the four entrances would do, there's no need to floodl ... [more]

Add speed bumps. People swing round here fast and there’s nowhere for pedestrians to stand, especially as cars park all along the pavement

Drop kerb for buggies

Improve dropped kerb for buggies while work is going on in the area

Improve dropped kerb for buggies

Drop kerb for buggies... the kerb is quite uneven here. Tidy it up while work is going on in the area

Drop kerb here for buggies

A ridiculously sparse arrangement of bus stops, next to old people’s homes! Despite being slightly up from the junction with North View, buses turning right into North View don’t pick up or set down at the stop currently used by service ... [more]

Crossing Whickham / Swalwell Bank at the end of North View is not pleasant at busy times. Can we please have a zebra crossing where the current pathetic island is in the middle of the main road? Sometimes the only way to get across is to wa ... [more]

The short and unusually-shaped approx 20 metre back lane between Market Lane and Long Rigg Road suffers from drivers turning quickly and dangerously into it at both ends. There’s not much safe space for pedestrians as the pavement is very ... [more]

Crossing Market Lane near the Swalwell roundabout is like taking your life in your hands. Drivers come off the roundabout too fast and unpredictably, as you can’t always predict where they are going as there are so many exists, and the ro ... [more]

A better way for pedestrians to cross the entrance and exit dual-carriageway road to the A1 at the Swalwell roundabout is needed. The northbound should be reduced to one lane, as it quickly narrows to one lane anyway, by building out the ke ... [more]

A central pedestrian refuge is needed at the east end of Sands Road, at the Swalwell roundabout. It’s currently quite scary crossing here partly because the roundabout is so large (in terms of road surface on which you can drive) and driv ... [more]

It’s dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists around the junction of Market Lane and Napier Road (which is quite busy because it is one of the few ways in by car to a huge area of housing). The main cause is people parking close to the junc ... [more]

The north west side of Sunniside’s main street (A692) is a nightmare for pedestrians and cyclists, because of poorly arranged parking and vehicle circulation. Both sides of the road have unusual kerbed cycle lanes, which in parts is at a ... [more]

People park here in a way which blocks the path

Connect these two paths properly by making a hypotenuse to the triangle with a very tight angle

Cars parking up on the pavement while waiting for kids to come out of the top gate, making it difficult to social distance when walking along this pavement

Cyclepaths on here very muddy

Cycleway part of path has unreasonably steep ramps up to the path level every time there is a seating area. This path can be very busy, and the ramps make it more awkward

Difficult to do a right turn onto the cycleway here as barriers are in the way

Really tricky to navigate this dual use path at busy times: need to dismount as simply not enough space

Re-paint the bike symbol so the pedestrians know not to sprawl over both sides

Drop the kerb here please

The waterworks recently finished here did not leave everything as it was. There was a well trodden footpath you could cycle along connecting Low Heworth Lane to the path here. Now there is muddly, loose stony ground which you can’t cycle ... [more]

As you merge from The Avenue to Old Durham Rd there is a bend and you cannot see the cars driving on the main road until is too late. Even though it is a 30mph zone drivers drive at speeds over 40 mph. Either we need a speed camera installe ... [more]

Once a cyclist has crossed the A1 from Swalwell using Hollinside Road, the route to the yellow and blue malls of Metro Centre, and beyond towards central Gateshead is difficult to work out and negotiate through MC's car parks and satellite ... [more]

The walking facilities around Shield Avenue in Swalwell are awful, especially for those walking or cycling down from residential areas to Metrocentre. The pavement on the west side where Clavering Road joins Market Lane is ridiculously narr ... [more]

Steps are needed down from Hollinside Way towards the red quadrant of MetroCentre, as far south as possible. The footpath next to Hollinside Way, shared with cyclists, stretches much further to the north, and is a long way round, and doesn' ... [more]

The section of National Cycle Network route 14, between Cross Lane and MetroCentre, parallel to the railway, is far too narrow, and poorly lit. Passing another cyclist, or a pedestrian, generally involves stopping and/or dismounting. Land n ... [more]

Install acrylic glass walls (e.g. Perspex) between the Tyne Bridge walkways and the road (as a traffic noise and wind barrier) and over the existing balustrade (outer walls) to protect against suicide jumping (and wind). A ceiling might als ... [more]

If you walk across the Tyne Bridge from Newcastle (east side footpath) to go to Sage or St. Mary’s Heritage Centre, you have to walk right to the south end of the bridge. Why not have a staircase down from the bridge to the path at the ba ... [more]

Getting from the west side of the Tyne Bridge north end, to the east side, involves either going over at the two stage pedestrian traffic lights. This involves holding up all the traffic, in two stages, ironically after they have takes a lo ... [more]

A mini roundabout and pedestrian refuge is needed at the top of Dunston Bank, to assist pedestrians and cyclists going along Whickham Highway B6317. The pedestrian refuge at the top of Dunston Bank would work with the mini roundabout to al ... [more]

The west end of the Beggarswood Bridle Way is very circuitous, narrow and steep. A better cycle entrance to it from Consett Road could be achieved down the left side of former Ravensdene Hotel. There is a small valley down which the cycle p ... [more]

An intercity rail station, perhaps called Gateshead Angel, should be built on the underused Tyne Yard. It could be one of the best cycle connected long-distance rail stations in the country, if some cycle lane improvements in this largely f ... [more]

Prevent water from falling onto the pavement (puddles and dirty water pouring from the bridge make avoiding pedestrians difficult)

Build a pedestrian/cycling subway to cross the A167 like on Newcastle side or bridge (avoid interrupting traffic and makes pedestrian/cycling crossing faster)

Repair the uneven pavement (as the flat parts do not leave enough space to avoid the pedestrians).

The informal grassy path connecting the north side of Aldi (MetroCentre) to the path and cycle route near the River Derwent needs formalising and properly paving. A dropped kerb is also required. It's doubtful that Aldi would object as it m ... [more]

Despite the horrendous (especially for cyclists and pedestrians) roundabout junction (A694/B6317) near here, the opportunity to exploit the cycle path passing under Hexham Road has not been taken. Steps (and possibly non-stepped paths) coul ... [more]

The original Watergate Pit miners’ path across Washingwell Woods is in a terrible state, particularly the steps up the north side of the valley, despite absorption of the area into Watergate Park. It is a paved path that used to be lit bu ... [more]

There are some ludicrously long gaps between bus stops in this area around the north (west) end of Kingsway, especially now that Go Northeast have services on the number 6 that have a circular terminus on Sunniside Front Street. Perhaps a p ... [more]

Introduce waist-level or high level street lighting on the path and cycle route, from Teams all the way up to Sunniside. In Sweden it is common for suburban and even rural tracks and paths like the Tanfield Railway Path to be streetlit. The ... [more]

Near the east end of Whickham Highway, and not far from the entrance of the carpark for Watergate Park, there is a missing bus stop. The next bus stops are quite far away in all three directions, bearing in mind some buses coming from the w ... [more]

Install a westbound cycle lane (and possibly eastbound too) and a proper footpath (pavement). Cars of commuters, possibly of those attending or working at Gateshead College, are often parked haphazardly. They are often on the verges, on the ... [more]

There is an opportunity here to use the wide footpath (and path under the old railway bridge) to create a short cycleway between the lane leading to the Derwent Walk, and the foot of Whickham Bank. It would save eastbound cyclists having to ... [more]

The Swalwell end of the Derwent Walk seems to be set up to cause cyclists to fall. You are required to negotiate quite a deep step. There's more obstructions outside the nearby Swalwell visitor centre which have to be carefully negotiated ... [more]

There needs to be proper steps and a cycle ramp down from Parkway onto the recently resurfaced Woodhouses Lane bridle path, a few metres west of the west end of Parkdale Rise.

Travelling from Lingey Lane to Monkton the path has become waterlogged with the amount of rain we have had, soddened making for an onward journey an uncomfortable ride. Passing walkers, runners etc is becoming a trauma as we all try to avoi ... [more]

Like a lot of places around the borough, this road is very steep, and it's north facing, so gets iced up quickly. It is just not usable in frosty and snowy conditions. Worse, at least in some places there is a grassy area to the side that c ... [more]

All over Gateshead steep hills deter people from cycling. It would help with cycling's image and take-up if there were signs on key hilly cycling routes saying it's OK to push your bike up the hill!

On hills all over Gateshead, not just West Street, consideration ought to be given to having covered outdoor escalators, like the ones in Hong Kong (“Central-Mid-Levels escalator and walkway system”). After all, they exist inside shoppi ... [more]

There is a rough path through the trees caused by people walking and pushing their bikes from the north-south path WH/3/1 behind Pets At Home, eastwards towards the car park access road that leads to the roundabout at the junction of Pinetr ... [more]

Although the lack of a solution to the muddy and potholed middle of Quality Row Road is allegedly caused by uncertainty over the ownership of that short stretch, it may be possible to build a footpath and cycle path on the grassy area to th ... [more]

There is a wide grass verge along Whickham Highway all the way from the top of Dunston Bank to the top of Knightside Gardens and even part of the way further to Lobley Hill. It would suit having a set-back cycle path.

Reopen or install lifts in the Tyne Bridge towers at the Gateshead end (and Newcastle end), to both pedestrians and cyclists. They might also be a tourist attraction.

The roundabout in the middle of Kingsway is a menace to all road users including trucks and cars. It reduces visibility and prevents decent cycle lanes or paths being put in place. There are no safe and decent facilities for pedestrians to ... [more]

The short but narrow and steep foot path, which is also used by cyclists, from the east end of Morris Rd NE16 down to the Coalway Lane path is inappropriately aligned. Note that the map, showing a right angled connection of paths, is wrong. ... [more]

Not fit for pedestrian use never mind cycle path. Remove parking so can widen the path.

It's not clear to pedestrians that it is a cycle route up and down West Street, introduce marked and coloured lanes since this is the main cycle route through the town centre.

Link Burnhopefield, Byermoor to the Tanfield Railway cycle path this land is old spoil and mine heaps, not used. It would be a good reuse.

Link this route to Marley Hill and then via St Cuthberts Road to Burnhopefield to give an alternative to the A692

This road could be joined to the Tanfield railway cycle route near Marley Hill using an existing right of way. Then continue the route to Byermoor and to Burnhopefield through the existing rights of way. Put up good signage and it can be ... [more]

Path not accessible anymore due to overgrowth. This route of way provides an alternative to the road between Marley Hill and Sunniside

Path had been obstructed by landowner. It would be a good route for a cycle path to marley Hill from Sunniside.

Footpath/cycleway very narrow here

Road signs obstruct the cycleway here

Drop kerb required to access cycle route from road

Road surface on Low Heworth Lane in a shocking state

Stop cars parking here. Double yellow lines needed due to excessive cars accident waiting to happen from football cars

No path and cars drive too fast. Spare overgrown ground just needs trimming back

No path between Winlaton and High Spen via Barlow. Lots of people walk and run this route. Unfortunately also very dangerous due to speeding traffic

Cut the hedge back properly so you can fit past the bus stop!

It is very boggy when it rains it needs more Of a pathway, cleaned up some trees moved also something for the kids would be great ideally with a large fence so it can be locked on a nighttime and to keep dogs off

Need a pavement so we can walk safely.

Need a path so we can walk safely .

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