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CycleStreets API (v2)

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API testing - list of tests

This API call is used internally for testing the system.

It creates a list of the loaded tests.

Each can be tested using apitesting.runtests or apitesting.runtest.


This example retrieves the list of tests:


    "Status v2": {
        "name": "Status v2",
        "call": "status",
        "note": false,
        "ordering": 10
    "Cambridge really short journey": {
        "name": "Cambridge really short journey",
        "call": "journey.plan",
        "note": false,
        "ordering": 40
    "Retrieve Cambridge really short journey": {
        "name": "Retrieve Cambridge really short journey",
        "call": "journey.retrieve",
        "note": false,
        "ordering": 50
    "Photo location": {
        "name": "Photo location",
        "call": "photomap.location",
        "note": false,
        "ordering": 80
    "Photomap categories": {
        "name": "Photomap categories",
        "call": "photomap.categories",
        "note": false,
        "ordering": 90

Request parameters - required


Request parameters - optional

name string
Filter to only those tests whose name matches the supplied string, matched case-insensitively. Partial name matches are supported; e.g. name=categories would match the tests "Photomap categories" and "PhotomapCategories v1".
call string
Filter to only those tests whose call name (e.g. journey.plan) matches the supplied string. Partial name matches are supported; e.g. call=journey would match journey.plan, journey.retrieve, and others containing journey.
apiVersion 1|2
Filter to only those tests whose API version matches the specified value.
set string
If a server has more than one set of tests installed, filter to only those tests within the specified set.
fields string, comma-separated list of fields, default name,call,note,ordering

Controls what information is returned for each test.

Available fields are:

  • name: Name of the test.
  • call: The API call (method) being tests.
  • apiVersion: API version of the call (method) being tested.
  • skipReason: If normally skipped, the reason for this.
  • note: Note about the test.
  • ordering: Ordering of the tests.
  • set: The set the test belongs to.

If fields is not supplied, the default is used, which represents a sensible and useful set of fields.

The field name is always returned.

Fields are returned in the ordering specified by the caller.

Unrecognised fieldnames are simply ignored rather than an error being thrown.


JSON object as above, listing the test names.

Error response

JSON object containing an error key and a text string.

Example error (text string will vary):

    "error": "An internal error occurred while obtaining the list of tests."

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